Labor Support 

We have created packages with you in mind!  From the basics to the ultimate!
Your doula will be with you continuously providing support including education, encouragement, relaxation and focusing exercises,  massage, positioning suggestions and comfort measures.

Prenatal Meetings

Based on your package choice, one, two or more prenatal visits with your doula so we get to know you and your partner and you get to know us.  We will cover your goals and expectations for your birth, becoming familiar with your birth plan.   We're aiming at becoming a team with you and your provider for your best benefit. We will also practice relaxation techniques for your labor.

24/7 On Call

Once you sign a contract, your doula is on call for you 24/7 via phone/text or e-mail until your baby is born.

 Basic Labor Package:                                                                     
  • Starts at $900                                                    
  • One prenatal meeting
  • phone/text/e-mail support
  • 24/7 on-call from signing
  • Face to face labor support up to 12 hours
  • One 1 hr postpartum home visit
Labor & Birth
Basic Labor & Postpartum Package:

  • ​Starts at $1425
  • Two prenatal meetings
  • phone/text/e-mail support
  • 24/7 on call from signing
  • Face to face labor support up to 12 hours
  • One 1 hr postpartum home visit
  • 20 Postpartum Doula care hours

From Bump through Baby!

This is the Royalty of care packages starting at $2000 including:

  • 6 Nurturing The Mother prenatal massages (60 min each)
  • 2 prenatal planning meetings
  • phone/text/e-mail support
  • 24/7 on call from signing
  • Face to face labor support up to 12 hours
  • One 1 hr postpartum follow up visit
  • 20 Postpartum Doula care hours (including 1 infant massge instruction session)
  • 1 Postpartum massage (60 min)

Add any of these packages to your baby registry early and let your friends and family be a part of your care!

The placenta, that grew along with and nourished your baby throughout your pregnancy, produced a custom blend of hormones specifically for your body's needs.  Although no formal studies have been completed yet, many women have consumed their placenta via capsules and reported increased energy levels, reduced feelings of postpartum sadness & anxiety and increased milk supply.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, birth is considered Yang, or cooling and the placenta is considered Yin or warming.  It is thought that consuming the placenta brings a women's hormones back into balance after giving birth.
We will provide you a transport kit and instructions for transporting your placenta properly.
The encapsulation process takes place over 2 days, approximately 2-3 hours each day.  We process your placenta in your home to give you the complete confidence that it is only your placenta we are handling.  We use the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) method of preparing the placenta, steaming then dehydrating.  We do this all while following OSHA food safety handling guidelines.

Basic Package:
Encapsulation Service and Capsules 

Let's Wrap It Up:
  • Encapsulation Service and Capsules
  • 1 muslin bind
  • 2 days Belly Binding Service


The Works:
  • Encapsulation Service and Capsules
  • 1 90 minute Postpartum Massage
  • This massage focuses on the tension areas as a result of birth and breastfeeding: neck,shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs and feet.  Special attention is given to drawing the ribs and hips back together.
  • 1 muslin bind
  • 2 days Belly Binding Service

Additions to any encapsulation package:

Tincture                 $30  

Full payment will be required by 38 weeks or at contract signing, whichever is first.  If for any reason your provider will not release your placenta, a refund for the encapsulation services portion only will be provided.

     Placenta      Encapsulation
As Postpartum Doulas, we offer support to families in those first days, weeks and months after bringing baby home no matter how your family grew....your own birth, surrogacy or adoption!

​Since time began, women have been celebrated and cared for by their "village" as they became mothers.  No matter if your "village" is small or large, we can still help.  Whether you need help in those first precious days or the family that came to help needs to return to their daily lives, we will help.

  • Gives parents time to bond with their new baby as we take care of some routine things in the home
  • Reassurance and guidance with infant feeding and sleeping
  • Transitional support as one or both parents return to work
  • Sibling care and support in easing siblings into their new roles as big brother/sister
  • Overnight care so parents may have that golden night of sleep they've missed!
  •  That extra hand giving you support to do what you need or feel overwhelmed to do
    Or simply someone present to listen to you!

Let Hub City Doulas be that addition to your Village

Contact us for rates and scheduling

Frances is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum and Infant Massage and is Spinning Babies trained.  She is combining her services for our Hub City Doula Clients.  You may book just massage or these may be packaged together with our doula services!

Fees for Services:
       60 minutes = $80.00
       90 minutes = $110.00

      *First Fertility Massage is an additional $40 to cover supplies that will be given to the client for 
​        personal continued use.

Early on in your pregnancy, 60 minutes may be all you need, however, as baby grows and the demands on your body grow, 90 minutes is more ideal so you and baby receive the most benefit from the session.

 Fertility Massage

No matter if you are fit and ready, ready for next baby, or struggling to conceive, this massage is a good way to relax and tune up your body to get ready!

This massage uses Reflexology, Massage, CranioSacral and visceral manipulation techniques to stimulate reproductive areas, endocrine glands, increase blood flow in the pelvis, help to break up adhesions and congestion in the pelvis and gives deep relaxation and stress reduction.

Optimally, we begin on day 10-14 after your last cycle and work together regularly.

Although this does not guarantee you will conceive, it will give your body a more optimal chance!

Pregnancy / Early Labor Massage

Prenatal massage is a great adjunct to your regular pregnancy care!  For optimal benefits to you and baby, it should be done routinely, just like your doctors/midwife visits.  See the doctor/midwife monthly = massage monthly, doctor/midwife twice monthy = massage twice get it!

These sessions will focus on making you relaxed and more comfortable during this time.

And...if I'm not on call as your labor doula, we can arrange for me to be on call to do an early labor massage!

Postpartum Massage

Now that baby is here, your work is NOT done!  Your body still needs to recover.  Everything that has shifted in your body to accommodate baby needs to return to its place and function.  Postpartum massage helps with that and the sore muscles from birthing and holding/feeding new baby as well as helping to bring your rib and hips back together.

These massages may begin as soon as you are ready after birthing.  If you've had a cesarean birth, we will wait a bit longer but will also help the healing of the scar.

This pairs perfectly with our Belly Binding services.

Frances Pierce, LMT
Maryland license #M02881